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      Lilac City Roller Derby welcomes you. Please feel free to look around the forums for the information or soap-box you need. Our goals here are simple. We want to:

      • *Provide a focused, organized environment for event planning, community interaction, and training.
      • *Give you a place to plan your limited time and commitments
      • *Give you a like-minded community to work with

      Initially our goals include:

      • *To simplify and centralize event planning and scheduling
      • *To provide focused forums for NSOs and Referees to coordinate officiating, training, collaboration, and certification
      • *To have an accessible means to schedule staff and resources for area events

      Thanks for your past and future help. We love you guys. Go team!


      • *No profanity or sexual content
      • *No personal advertising or sales
      • *No personal solicitations
      • *No being-a-jerk-to-demean-another
      • *No--we'll think of something else

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      This forum is the place to post information, questions, cat pictures, or just start a conversation about your favorite topic. Learn something, teach something, network. Do it.

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