About Lilac City Roller Derby

Way back in 2006 we started this journey as the Lilac City Roller Girls. Today we are Lilac City Roller Derby to more accurately represent the people involved in making our sport what it is. The gap-toothed princess, the iconic image of a lady with a rough side, has become the Spokane Sass logo. Season 11 is going down as the season of the upgrade. Thanks for coming out to cheer with us, thanks for trusting us, and thanks, Spokane, for giving us a place to call home.

What We Envision:

We see roller derby becoming a consumable, household, full contact sport.

We see Spokane becoming an agent of change in the derby movement.

We see you fully aware that you can get involved in the greatest sport in the world.

What We Want:

We want to play roller derby well and to win often.

We want Spokane to be a hub for roller derby in our region.

We want qualify for Division 2 competition.

We want to qualify for Champs.

We want you to come with us.

Thank you Spokane, WFTDA, sister teams, and roller derby in general. We couldn’t have done this without you.

League Store

We have swag. Do you have swag? We have swag.

How to: Roller Derby

Still new to roller derby? Click here. We have a page for you.

Join LCRD?

No, not everybody skates here, but you can if you want to.