Thinking About Joining?


We are building the resources to educate you on how you can contribute to roller derby in the Lilac City. Come back and check on us later. We will make an announcement on the Facebook fan page when all pages are live, linked, and complete. See you soon

From veteran skaters to first-timers, we have skill sets from all over the roller derby spectrum. You can do better than survive here. We’re good soil. You can thrive.

Not everybody at LCRD is a woman; not everybody skates. If you’re wondering if you can get involved the answer is probably “yes.” Check out the resources below. Plan a visit to watch a practice. Come out to a New Blood orientation. We want to meet you 🙂

Non-Skating Officials

NSO’s don’t skate at games, but they run the show. No NSO, no event. No exceptions. Click to learn more.

Referees: Skating Officials

In-betweeners? Our referees are their own breed. Click the link and learn about calling the shots in roller derby.


Rubber? Meet Road. Feel like you want to play some derby? Click to learn about training at every skill level.